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The tasks in the new age of industry 4.0 and digital transformation are complex and time-critical. A variety of products and solutions in a huge market of manufacturers and vendors that evolve, change and consolidate do not make for a straightforward system selection.

Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Digitization, Cloud Computing, Crowdsourcing, Robotics, Cyber Security, the Embedding of Augmented Reality (AR) and the Internet of Things (IoT) are important issues. Almost no company can get around it and rapid action is required for staying up to date and mastering the challenges.

I4 Consult is committed to innovating and consulting in the areas of content management, business analytics and business process management in the context of Enterprise Resource Planning.

Product Selection

Experiences from a multitude of projects make us a competent and, above all, reliable partner in helping your business become more innovative and successful. Together with our customers, we select the right products and suitable solutions for the respective tasks and project objectives. Cloud Enterprise Content Management, Mailroom 4.0, Content Analytics, Crowdsourcing and Mobile Scanning are the most important aspects.

Together with our customers, we create a solid and investment-proof system selection and a sustainable optimization of the business processes.


In addition to management attention, a solid conceptual design and implementation is the key to sustainable project success.

With reliability, innovation and quality, we ensure a successful design of selected products and just-in-time solutions. Together, we will plan the introduction detailed in the concept or in the fine specification and transfer our know-how to you.

We also stand ready for a serious and long-term customer relationship after successful project implementation.

On Motivation - Why Crowdsourcing?

Crowdsourcing for Document-centric Processes is currently the popular trend. In the past few years, companies have been facing the decision of on-premises versus outsourcing. With the possibility to manage the processing of documents via a Crowd Community, an interesting alternative has been created.

I4 Consult and Crowdsourcing


Crowdsourcing as a managed service for field-based data acquisition in document-based processes is an absolute trend. With crowdsourcing, documents can be divided into individual fields and thus forwarded tocrowd workers for further processing.
I4 Consult GmbH is specialized in the Crowdsourcing solution of ScaleHub AG. The solution provides access to the worldwide crowd-worker community and is compatible with all document-processing solutions on the market. Thus, we guarantee to compile your documents to the agreed quality, at the agreed timeframe and at optimized costs.

Please do not hesitate to learn more about these opportunities and experiences from the projects we have implemented. We will be pleased to show you how your documents can best be utilized in an individual presentation so as to meet your specific requirements.

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CLOUD ECM - ready to go

I4 Consult is your contact for innovative Cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions. In particular, we are specialized in products from Forcont Business Technology GmbH. Forcont is a highly professional and modern software company specializing in Cloud Enterprise Content Management (ECM). In addition to conventional ECM topics, such as SAP ERP Financials and SAP ERP Human Capital Management, forpeople and forcontract 2, Cloud provides ECM solutions for electronic personnel management and electronic contract management.

For more information about the new possibilities and experiences from the projects we have realized, click here. We would love to show you the product advantages in a presentation and address your requirements.

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Mailroom 4.0 - innovative Solution with AI

I4 Consult offers know-how and years of experience in the field of digital mailroom with direct emphasis on products and solutions by Skilja GmbH. Under the slogan, “Document Understanding, Deep Learning, Artificial Intelligence”, the products by Skilja embody the 4th Mailroom generation. The Skilja portfolio can be used to build completely new Multichannel Mailroom projects as well as to optimize existing solutions in the area of analysis, processing and understanding document contents. Vinna is the platform for document processing, and Laera provides Skilja with a library of components that use learning methods to meet the most diverse tasks in the process of document processing. All of these components are high-performance, highly scalable and language-independent.

For more information about the new possibilities and experiences from the projects we have realized, click here. We will show you the product preferences based on your documents and requirements for the digital inbox.

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Mobile Scanning

The future is mobile. Mobility brings new demands on the handling of information and documents, and also their capture during scanning. Mobile scanning solutions replace conventional scanners on the go and are characterized by efficiency and extremely high detection rates. I4 Consult specializes in this field, and has products and solutions from the company Recognition Systems GmbH (Recosys) in its portfolio. Recosys stands for extremely fast and individually trainable, mobile OCR. As a result, I4 Consult ensures that information is always available on your smartphones or tablets from any location for you as mobile employees.

For more information about this technology and experiences from the projects we have realized, click here. We would be glad to present the product advantages according to your specific requirements.

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